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Rater Training for Accurate Outcome Data

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive rater training platforms to improve the reliability and accuracy of outcome assessment data in clinical research trials. From asynchronous video training modules to synchronous remote and in-person training, our goal is to effectively train all raters in administering the same scale, in the same way, at every visit, for every subject.

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                             Rater Training

Clinical Assessment Solutions provides guidance on standardized protocol development, comprehensive rater training and ongoing clinical evaluator (CE) support for clinical trials that utilize clinical outcome assessments (COA) for their study endpoints. Due to the inherent trainer variability in rater administration of COAs and PROs, we believe that utilization of this three-pillar system emphasizing Guidance, Training, and Support is essential in decreasing measurement error and data variance when analyzing treatment efficacy. Clinical Assessment Solutions is dedicated to providing an efficient and consistent training infrastructure to ensure the accuracy of your endpoint data.

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