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Clinical Assessment Solutions provides guidance on standardized protocol development, comprehensive clinical evaluator training and ongoing support for clinical trials that utilize clinical outcome assessments (COA) and patient reported outcomes (PRO) for their study endpoints. Due to the inherent trainer variability in performing COA and facilitating PRO, we believe that utilization of this three-pillar system emphasizing Guidance, Training, and Support is essential in decreasing measurement error and data variance when analyzing treatment efficacy. Clinical Assessment Solutions is dedicated to providing an efficient and consistent infrastructure to ensure the accuracy of your endpoint data.

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Our mission is to improve the quality, reliability, and accuracy of clinical outcome assessment data in clinical research trials. Via a standardized process of protocol guidance, training, certification, and in-person or remote support, our goal is to ensure that clinical evaluation testing is done confidently, consistently, and accurately.

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Our trainers are licensed Physical Therapists who utilize outcome assessments in daily clinical practice to ensure that treatments create measurable change in patients’ functional abilities. We have experience in consulting on the development of study protocols in phase II and III clinical trials, specializing in the training and certification of clinical evaluators (from novice to expert) to ensure the accuracy of outcome assessment data for clinical research. We have a network of Physical Therapists who specialize in adult and pediatric neuromuscular disease, orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary disorders. We are committed to ensuring that measurable change in data is true change.

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